Brazilian Wood Depot provides ‘turn-key’ materials to any jobsite. The best fasteners, clips, plugs, railing sections, finishes, cleaners and final touches.


Deckwise Screws

These are the best screws for installing Brazilian Hardwood decking and dimensional lumber.

  • #8 x 2.5” or #8 x 1.5” (2.5” is perfect for .75” or 1” boards)
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel (BWD can also provide 316 Grade SS, recommended for coastal marine applications)
  • Brown Headed, T-15 Star Drive
  • Self-Tapping
  • Variety of Box Sizes (100, 350, and 1750 pcs)

Visit the DeckWise site for more information.

Smart – Bit

This combined parabolic drill bit and counter sink is the best tool to drill perfect holes for the Headcote screws. The counter sink stops at the perfect depth every time. Available in #8 or #7 and comes with 2 replacement bits. The replacement pack has 5 replacement bits.

Visit Starborn Industries for more information.

Coated Screws

These screws are sturdy hardened steel screws for a bargain price.

  • #8 x 2.5” size is perfect for .75” or 1” boards
  • #2 square drive does not strip out
  • 599 Magni reddish brown coating to match boards and provide protective corrosion-resistant finish
  • Sturdy course thread with #17 drill tip installs easily (pre-drilling makes installation easier)
  • 200 piece bags