Brazilian Wood Depot provides ‘turn-key’ materials to any jobsite. The best fasteners, clips, plugs, railing sections, finishes, cleaners and final touches. All your team needs are the power tools necessary for any Decking, Siding or Flooring installation.


Deckwise Screws

These are the best screws for installing Brazilian Hardwood decking and dimensional lumber.

  • #8 x 2.5” or #8 x 1.5” (2.5” is perfect for .75” or 1” boards)
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel (BWD can also provide 316 Grade SS, recommended for coastal marine applications)
  • Brown Headed, T-15 Star Drive
  • Self-Tapping
  • Variety of Box Sizes (100, 350, and 1750 pcs)

Visit the DeckWise site for more information.

Smart – Bit

This combined parabolic drill bit and counter sink is the best tool to drill perfect holes for the Headcote screws. The counter sink stops at the perfect depth every time. Available in #8 or #7 and comes with 2 replacement bits. The replacement pack has 5 replacement bits.

Visit Starborn Industries for more information.

Coated Screws

These screws are sturdy hardened steel screws for a bargain price.

  • #8 x 2.5” size is perfect for .75” or 1” boards
  • #2 square drive does not strip out
  • 599 Magni reddish brown coating to match boards and provide protective corrosion-resistant finish
  • Sturdy course thread with #17 drill tip installs easily (pre-drilling makes installation easier)
  • 200 piece bags

Hidden Fasteners

We recommend against all hidden fasteners of ANY brand that are solid plastic. They break, screws drive through them and some of them squeak. There are other quality fasteners costing about the same as plastic fasteners that don’t have these problems. Durable decking needs durable fasteners to ensure the longest useful life.

Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners

The Camo Tool guides your drill bit and then your screw into the side of the board and into the joist. This provides much better holding power than using clips and since you can use coated steel screws, these fasteners cost much less than any other option. View our Camo System installation video or click here for more information on the Camo Tool and Fastners.

Ipe Clip Extreme

This clip is brown plastic coated stainless steel. Screw must be driven through clip and board at 45 degree angle because screw hole is slotted. Driving straight down will allow boards to move. Items included will provide hardware for 100 sf of decking using 16” centers.

  • 175 clips
  • 190 Stainless steel torx head screws
  • Drive chuck
  • 12 ipe plugs
  • 1/8” drill bit

Aluminum Deck Clips

Aluminum Deck Clips are preferred by some installers because pre-drilling is not necessary. These deck clips are durable and hold well but the boards may shift as they shrink because the screws are not driven down through the board. The screws are driven straight down through the clips between the boards. Using All Weather Sub Floor Adhesive solves this problem. The installation procedure for these aluminum deck clips is described below.

Run a bead of adhesive down the top of the joists where you are beginning your deck installation. Apply enough to accommodate your first couple boards.

Install your deck clips along the entire edge of the first board with a clip on each joist. The screw must be run down until the top of the screw is level with the clip. Do not tighten it down because this will tilt the free edge of the clip down thereby preventing you from slipping the 2nd board into place.

Once you’ve installed clips on every joist along the edge of the first board, slip the leading edge of the 2nd board into the clips snugly.

Visit the Documents Page for more detailed instllation intructions for aluminum deck clips.

Pro Plug System by Headcote

The tools and plugs offered in this system provide for a totally hidden fastener that can be installed from on top of the deck. It provides the same holding power of face-screwed boards and twice as much power as hidden clips. Plugging boards using this system can be done with about the same labor as installing hidden clip fasteners at about the same cost. Compared to standard plugging methods, these tools provide for easier drilling, no plug trimming needed, better glue control, and perfect fit plugs.

  • Pro Plug bit drills the perfect holes for the screw and the plug at the same time.
  • Uniquely designed glue tip puts the glue on the sides of the holes where it’s needed.
  • Plugs that fit perfectly in the holes without the need for trimming later.
Visit Starborn Industries for more information.

Hidden Screws GRK

These are not really hidden but are easy to hide. When installing a deck with hidden fasteners, you’re left with only a few options for steps, border boards and fascia boards.

You can install with plugs to match the decking (we supply plugs to match any species), the Deckmaster system below or using tiny headed screws like these GRK screws. GRK are available in steel with corrosion resistant coating or stainless steel, these #8 x 2” or 2 ½” screws can be driven into a pre-drilled hardwood board 1/8” below the surface.

Filling over this screw with a glue and sawdust mixture (wipe with wet rag to clean off excess) will hide the screw. This is a fast and easy hidden screw application.

Deckmaster Grabber Under Deck Installation System

The Deckmaster Grabber Under Deck Installation System comes complete with brackets and the exact screws you need. Powder coated to match hardwood decking. Boxes of 10 or 50 brackets 21 ½” long.

Fortress Rail Sections and connectors.

This is the easiest railing to install, makes the most solid railing and provides the best high end look of any other choices. It also COSTS LESS than the other high end options (which excludes pressure treated lumber). These are double dip galvanized, then powder coated and carry a 10 year warrantee. After mounting the posts, cut your rail section to fit (6’ and 8’ sections available), mount them with our attractive brackets and install a hardwood handrail across the top. They are very easy to install with our Fortress Railing installation guide.

Brazilian Lumber Products

Railing Lumber

Brazilian Wood Depot stocks dimensional lumber, 1×4, 2×2, 2×4, and 4×4 for railing designs. We also carry 2 options for top handrail. A 2×4 profile for installing between posts and a 5/4×6 for installing over posts.

Protective Crating

Damaged quality lumber is no better than poor quality lumber. When shipping lumber to customers by van, we must crate shipments carefully to protect lumber from careless forklift operators. Shipping by flatbed does not require the same level of protection because the crate does not leave the trailer until it arrives at its destination.

Tongue and Groove Decking

T&G decking is recommended ONLY for covered porches. This decking can take blowing rain and will last a lifetime. We don’t like it without a roof because the tightness of the boards promotes puddles, which leave stains over time. READ “Decking Words of Wisdom” before installing your deck

Real Rain Screen Siding

Real Rain Screen Siding is available in Ipe’, garapa, massaranduba and other species. We mill siding to order and ship anywhere. Our signature Real Rain Screen H-Clip fastens the boards without the need for any screw heads showing, which provides beautiful siding that last a lifetime. Visit for more information.

Deck Finish

Messmer’s UV Plus for Hardwood Decks

Messmer’s Hardwood Deck Oil out performs all other deck finishes that we’ve tried. Wait five to ten days after installation and apply only one coat of deck finish. Apply 2nd application after finish begins to fade, which could be as soon as six to eight months on decks that have full sun in southern climates and as long as 12 months for decks with limited sun exposure. Follow-up applications will be needed at progressively longer time periods between applications. Don’t apply a new coat of finish before deck begins to fade. This will prevent over application, which could result in a sticky finish.

Messmer’s Wood & Deck Renewer and Brightener

This cleaner cleans off dirt, mildew, water spots and residue before finishing deck. This liquid mixes with water much more easily than powder cleaners. Not necessary to use this on new deck if it is clean. Be sure to LEAVE WET FOR 30 MINUTES before brushing off residue. Follow instructions on Messmer’s company website.

Rail End connectors

Rail end connectors are attached to the ends of 2x4s that are fixed to 4×4 posts. By screwing these to the 2×4 and to the 4×4, there will be much more holding power, no spit boards and a nice finished appearance.

End Wax

End wax pplication ensures against end checking for the lifetime of the board. All boards are end waxed when purchased. When making crosscuts apply wax to the freshly cut end. This is not necessary to do when ripping or cutting with the grain. Avoid getting excess wax on the face (top) of the deck board because this will discolor the decking until it weathers away. The end wax wicks into the ends of the boards sealing water out to prevent cracking. You will be able to see the wax on the face of the deck boards after finishing the deck the first time but this will disappear after a few months of weather. You never need to re apply wax after the first time.

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