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Comparison of the Most Popular Outdoor Decking Materials

The most commonly used material for decking is pressure-treated pine because it is the most inexpensive option. This type of wood is pressure-treated to extend the life and help protect it against insect infestation. The deterioration of the building industry has caused the price of this decking lumber to decrease over the last five years […]

Protecting Your Deck During Harsh Winter Months

Many homeowners are concerned with how to protect their deck during the winter. As the temperature drops, wind picks up, and snow and ice begins to fall, it’s only natural to be concerned with your gorgeous deck. Luckily, if you have utilized the high quality Brazilian hardwoods from Brazilian Wood Depot, then maintenance and care is […]

Purple Heart Hardwood Decking (Roxinho)

Purple Heart decking lumber is another one of over 100 hardwood species that thrives in South America.  All of the species that survive in the wet climate of the long rainy seasons in South America are durable and highly resistant to rot and insects.  If the hardwood comes from South America, it is extremely durable. Purple Heart is billiard table PURPLE […]

Earth Responsible Green Building Practices

We all need to utilize our planet’s resources responsibly.  For building materials, this means focusing on using materials that meet earth responsible criteria: Made from natural materials without chemicals or oil, Biodegradable Renewable and sustainable or it is reclaimed The use of chemicals in building materials creates, at some point, the need to dispose of the […]

Cleaning and Refinishing Hardwood Decking

Ipe’ decking, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, garapa and tigerwood hardwood decking is the most beautiful decking in the world.  To maintain the color and pronounced grain patterns, you must finish the deck periodically with a good oil-based deck finish made especially for hardwoods.  Finishes that are not specifically developed for hardwoods do not penetrate the wood enough for proper […]

Finishing Touch Hardwood Deck Designs

If you think that you want full length boards to avoid seams between the ends of your boards, you may want to consider some other options. Maybe it’s the rot on the ends of the boards you noticed when you took apart your old pressure treated (PT) deck that you’re trying to avoid on your […]

Aluminum Hidden Deck Clip Installation

Face Screwed deck installation is preferred over nails because they simply hold better. In addition, you can choose stainless steel screws, which will not stain your beautiful decking. Stainless steel nails are only (easily) available in finish nails because SS nails are too soft to use for most applications. Hidden Fastener Deck Clips are often chosen by customers who […]

Forest Preservation

Rules Of Forest Preservation for Braziland other lumber producing countries are designed to preserve their natural resources and the environment. CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their […]