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We sell our lumber in job sized or truckload quantities from the inventory we stock in Atlanta, Georgia. We also offer professional technical support and guidance.

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From I-285 go North, outside the perimeter on Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Turn right on Jones Mill Rd. Go one mile and turn left on Buford Highway Turn right into 2nd driveway and go to the far end of loading dock

Company Overview

The Goal of Brazilian Wood Depot is to maintain a reliable supply of the highest quality hardwood decking, railings, siding lumber, fasteners, finishes, and technical support to suppliers, contractors, and homeowners looking for the best products at the best prices. We certify our quality lumber with the RealWood™ tag and stand behind our best choice fasteners, finishes and accessories as being the highest quality products for the task at the best price.

Company Profile

Brazilian Wood Depot is a direct importer of Hardwoods. Our president and founder has been actively involved in the building industry for over 30 years and is a responsible steward of earth’s forests.


Brazilian Wood Depot has developed relationships with several reputable manufacturers of hardwood decking. These relationships ensure a consistent supply of the quality product. We strive to sell only top quality wood, beautifully milled with minimum culling required.

Environmental Considerations

Ipé and the other hardwoods imported by Brazilian Wood Depot are commercially valuable trees that grow throughout Central and South America in many types of habitats. Supporting the commercial value of these hardwoods is the most important effort toward protecting the rain forests. Using RealWood™ certified lumber assures that your lumber was logged according to the principals of responsible and sustainable forestry. BWD also stocks the widest variety of tropical hardwoods in the United States. Spreading the demand over more species helps keep the price of the most recognized species (like ipe) down. Keeping hardwood prices down is the best deterrent to illegal poaching. We practice and promote sustainable forestry practices, which offer the best remedy to exploitative deforestation. Read this article for more information.

About Brazilian Wood Depot

Brazilian Wood Depot is a family-owned and operated business located in Atlanta, GA. BWD has been in the business of distributing the highest quality Brazilian Hardwoods since 2001. We started in a small leased warehouse, off Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, and now own and operate from a 5.5-acre property with a large warehouse facility. We began selling only interior Brazilian Hardwood Flooring, as the market for Flooring changed, so did we. It became clear that these species of lumber were FABULOUS for exterior use. So, we began selling decking. A few years after that, we began incorporating different types of decking- different species, different profiles, etc.. And not long after that, Siding!

Over these many years, we have constantly improved the way we operate. This has allowed us to prepare orders quickly, crate and ship orders efficiently and keeps our prices as competitive as possible. There is always room for improvement and each different challenge has its own unique solutions. We enjoy overcoming these challenges and limitations.

Of course, no one’s perfect but we come pretty ‘dern close in a handful of specific ways that we really pride ourselves on- Accountability, Technical Knowledge, Crating and Shipping Prowess, and Efficiency. We may not have facilities sprinkled across the country, but we think that’s what allows us to do what we do so efficiently. No one here is answering phones for a paycheck. We CARE about our customers.

Accountability is a big deal for us. Because we are family-owned and operated, everyone holds themselves accountable for mistakes. We’re constantly checking over each other’s work to make sure all the numbers add up correctly. From the first quote, to the final shipping BOL, we care ALOT about getting it right the first time. We know our customers appreciate that. That’s probably why we have so much repeat business!

Of course, we stand by our products but, we also stand by our service. Between the lot of us, we have decades of experience with these materials, fasteners, and processes and we enjoy sharing our knowledge with customers. We may not know a lot about a lot, but we know a WHOLE lot about Brazilian Hardwood Decking, Siding and Flooring. Many customers that find us, don’t know much about these materials. We are enthusiastic about what we sell and are always happy to give honest education and advice, NOT just sales pitches… These materials sell themselves anyway.

Damaged lumber shipments are a nightmare. Both for us and, of course, our customers. Shipping lumber across the country has been a long learning process. By now, we think we are the best in the country at it. We engineer each crate specifically for each order. Claims of damages are minimal and when they occur, we always attend to our customers needs and try to evaluate why it happened and take steps so it doesn’t happen again. We are VERY proud of our crating prowess.

When customers/contractors/builders need the materials, they usually need them NOW, not months from now. From the time an order is finalized, the wheels start spinning very quickly. So fast, in fact, you’d be surprised. Often, an order that is finalized today will be fully crated and awaiting pick up tomorrow.

We are excited to educate and serve our customers. Our customers have been very supportive of what we do here, and if you are one of them, we THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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