Hardwood Decking and Siding, stocked in Atlanta from Brazilian Wood Depot is real wood with unsurpassed durability and beauty. It’s naturally resistant to rot and decay and virtually maintenance free.*

Brazilian Hardwood & Ipe Decking Benefits & Advantages

Maintenance & Value

Installing a new Brazilian hardwood deck is an investment in something which will literally last a lifetime, while raising the value of your home, and eliminating all of the headaches of typical decks.

Brazilian hardwood decking from Brazilian Wood Depot and stocked in Atlanta offers the utmost in a hassle-free, low-maintenance addition for your home. To ensure maximum color longevity, you can apply deck oil once per season. Other than that, forget about the need for treatments to prevent rotting or insect problems, forget about needing to replaced warped wood, or anything else.

Below, learn more about all of the different varieties of Brazilian hardwood decking lumber, and if you need any further inspiration, take a look at our Brazilian hardwood deck design photos.

View the beautiful rainbow of Brazilian hardwood decking options, and click on each variety for more information.


Brazilian hardwood is beautiful, and comes in a gorgeous array of colors and species (see below). Every deck will have its own unique aesthetics, and there’s really nothing quite like it. It’s also natural and chemical-free, and our RealWood™ certification ensures that it has been sourced with a focus on sustainability and responsible forestry.

Strength & Durability

Brazilian hardwood decks are incredibly strong, and therefore durable. During the lifespan of one deck made from high quality Brazilian hardwoods, an average homeowner would have needed four or more pine or composite decks.

Consider that Ipe decking has a Janka hardness rating six times greater than pine, and three to four times greater than composite-plastic decks, while having the Class A fire rating of concrete.

How does Brazilian hardwood decking compare to Composite decking? Visit our Composite Comparison page.

Available Species


Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut) is olive-brown to dark-brown in color. Ipe is one of the hardest and most durable woods found anywhere in the world. A fantastic choice for residential decking and siding, as well as commercial applications due to its strength and longevity.


Tigerwood decking is orange-brown, but will darken and display deeper, reddish hues over time when used outdoors. That unique orange tint makes Tigerwood hardwood a one of a kind choice for interior home projects as well.


Garapa decking is a blonde or wheat-brown which will also darken and become an amber-tinted brown over time. Garapa wood is used for everything from flooring to decking to cabinet work and heavy carpentry applications — even ship building.


Cumaru Rosa (Red) hardwood is a reddish brown to deep, cherry red, with beautiful grain patterns. Strength is nearly comparable to Ipe’s legendary hardness rating.


Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood) is a beautiful plum red tinted to reddish-brown color. It’s known for a lack of visible knots, and a consistent grain with subtle demarcation partially due to the dark, deep color.


Purpleheart hardwood decking lumber is resistant to insect attack and decay. It is one of the densest woods on the planet and is VERY durable. Purple Heart hard wood grows in many areas of South America and is easily sustainable. The Purple Heart tree is large, attaining heights of 100 to 150 feet, with diameters of 36 – 60 inches.

Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information on all of these beautiful and high quality Brazilian hardwoods.

Ipe Deck Tiles

Ipe Deck Tiles are the ideal solution for rooftop, patio and deck top transformation into an enjoyable hardwood deck. They are easy to install, beautiful, durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Moreover, they provide a solution to applications where ventilation and moisture is not suitable for standard 1×6 or 5/4×6 decking. Transform your garden, patio, roof or balcony, with these easily installed Ipe deck tiles. They are also used in large commercial areas like bars, restaurants, exhibition areas and office buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic. Visit our Ipe Deck Tiles page for more information on this beautiful and versatile decking solution.

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