Ipe Deck Tiles

Ipe Deck Tiles are the ideal solution for rooftop, patio and deck top transformation into an enjoyable hardwood deck. They are easy to install, beautiful, durable, cost effective, and easy to maintain. You can transform your garden, patio, roof or balcony, with these easily installed ipe deck tiles. They are also used in large commercial areas like bars, restaurants, exhibition areas and office buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic. Ipe Wood is incredibly durable and naturally resistant to rot, decay, and termites.

IPE Deck Tile Information

IPE Deck Tile Profile:

  • Planks: 8 planks.
  • Weight: 19.69 lbs
  • Smooth surface: 24" x 24"
  • Thickness: 1.69"
  • Fire Rating: Class A: (Meets and exceeds ASTM E108-07a Class A Spread of Flame Test).
  • Net Finished Dimensions: 1-11/16" x 23-7/8" x 23 x 7/8"
  • Sustainable & responsibly forested
  • Weather proof.
  • Easy to handle & install
  • Low or no maintenance*
  • Easy to clean, resistant to mold & moisture
  • Each tile has 3 slats underneath attached with 16 stainless steel screws.
  • Built using all stainless steel hardware.
  • Pre-fabricated holes to best & exact installation with the connectors.
  • Decking tile Connectors (Sold separately): Hidden and connected underneath the tiles

Tiles are made with holes in the bottom corners to accommodate the connectors and hold the tiles together. When installing over joists, you can insert Deck Clips into the corners to screw through and into the joists to secure the Ipe Deck Tiles.

IPE Deck Tile Installation

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Deck Tile Installation

Download a PDF of our Ipe Deck Tile Installation Instructions

Hardwood deck tiles provide beautiful results at an affordable price. They are easy to install, removable, and the best solution for areas that are otherwise difficult and expensive to deck. The corners of the tiles have holes that fit the posts on the connectors and the outside corners of the tiles have grooves to accommodate Deck Clips when needed. Below are two of the most common applications and the best installation procedures for each.

Installation over concrete or a roof with water proof membrane:

These are easy to install over a FLAT surface. You merely strike lines 24” on center in each direction to determine where the corners of your tiles will meet. Then, lay the tiles down snapping the tile connectors in place as you go. The connectors are scribed on the back where you can cut them in halves or quarters to fasten at the edges and corners of the tile pattern. The connectors are easy to cut with a table saw or utility knife

When installing on a surface that is not flat, you’ll need to use some shims under the connectors so that the tiles lay flat and stay in place. After striking the lines 24” on center to determine where the connectors will be located, set up a 360-degree laser level and take height measurements at every connector location. Then, cut 6”x6” shims to the thickness needed to shim up the low connector locations to equal the height of the highest location. You can buy boards and sheets of PVC in ¼” – 1 ½” thicknesses to make shims. Set out your connectors with the appropriate shims and test your heights again with your laser level. Once you’ve decided that you have the best shim heights, glue your shims to the bottoms of the connectors (with sub floor adhesive) so they’ll stay in place when you place your tiles. Then, just snap your tiles in place. This is an easy install with fantastic results.

Installation over a joist system:

The joists need to be installed 24” on center so that they support the corners of the 24 inch square tiles. It is best to double the joists so that the corners of the tiles have better support.

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 1

STEP 1: Set the first two tiles in place on a Deck Clip connector.

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 2

STEP 2: Slide the Deck Clip connector into the corners of the tiles

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 3

STEP 3: Snap the third tile into the connector and slide another deck clip into the corner of that tile

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 4

STEP 4: Slide the forth tile into the second Deck Clip and snap it down onto the connector

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 5

STEP 5: Tiles are in place with the Deck Clips clearly visible at the corners

Ipe Deck Tiles Installation Step 6

STEP 6: Drive screws down into the Deck Clips to hold the tiles permanently in place

The connectors are scribed on the back where you can cut them in halves or quarters to fasten at the edges and corners of the tile pattern. The connectors are easy to cut with a table saw or utility knife.

IPE Deck Tile Connectors
Cutting IPE Deck Tile Connectors

Cutting IPE Deck Tiles

Cutting into partial tiles

You can use a standard skil saw blade to cut these tiles. Cutting them from the bottom will make it easier to avoid the screws. Remove any screws from the cut off pieces and screw them back into the desired cut piece where necessary. Then, you’ll need to drill new corner holes to accommodate the connectors. You can use the connectors as a guide to drill these holes exactly where you need them. Use an orbital or palm sander to ease the edges on the top of the cut edge to match the other edges.

It is up to YOU, as the craftsman, to read and understand all the safety manuals for the related tools and equipment and decide on the best course of action for your particular project. Wear gloves, mask, eye protection and other protective gear when working with wood and machinery.

How to Install IPE Deck Tiles