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About Cumaru Siding

Cumaru (pronounced Koo-Mah-Roo) is world-renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. You may have heard of Ipe’s incredible hardness, durability, and longevity- Cumaru is similar to Ipe in many ways and is often used interchangeably with Ipe. Cumaru is one of the hardest woods in the world which lends to its incredible durability and longevity. It is also naturally resistant to insect attack, mold, rot, fire and decay.

Color and Appearance- The sapwood of Cumaru(red) hardwood – RealCumaru – hardwood siding lumber is very similar to the heartwood, which ranges from red brown to deep red in color with a tight, even grain. Over time the red cumaru color will “flatten out” slightly. The species has an irregular, slightly interlocked grain and is coarse and wavy in texture. This dense, attractive Brazilian hardwood has the characteristics of ipe, but without the olive-green tone.

Benefits of Cumaru Siding

Natural Beauty

Nothing beats the beauty of real wood. RainScreen siding of Ipe, Purpleheart, Massaranduba and other premium hardwoods are unique in appearance and many choices are available for color preference. No other siding material compares to the natural beauty and character of Brazilian Hardwoods.


RealWoodTM hardwood lumber is rated to last a lifetime – 40 to 100 years! Real Rain Screen™ siding also provides better protection from mold, caused by moisture, than other construction methods.

Easy to Install

Our signature H-clip and siding profile system makes installation easy. Installation provides channels in the walls, which allow the siding to breathe eliminating moisture and minimizing thermal transfer.

Maintenance Free

Brazilian Hardwoods do not need any painting or finishing. It will remain durable and rot resistant for a lifetime. Finish application is required for color maintenance but not to maintain durability.

Finishing and Maintenance

Whether to oil your Brazilian Hardwood Siding or not, is only a matter of preference. To apply oil, use the same methods for oiling a Brazilian Hardwood Deck, in the video. The process is exactly the same, but cleaning is significantly reduced. Siding boards are installed on a vertical surface so the amount of dirt that is collected is far less than decking. RealRainscreen Siding may only require oiling every few years to maintain the color. Cleaning may not be necessary for 4-6 years after installation. The preferred oil for Cumaru and other Brazilian Hardwoods is, Messmer’s UV Plus Natural.

Over time, without oil, the boards will fade into a beautiful grey and silver. How long that takes is a matter of directional facing and sunlight exposure. For those looking to achieve a rustic, silvery, or reclaimed wood look with outstanding longevity, simply do not apply the oil. In a matter of weeks, the boards will begin to fade from browns to greys.

Additional Cleaning and Oiling Tips:
  • Do not use a pressure washer on Tropical hardwoods like Cumaru; Follow the cleaning instructions outlined in the Cumaru Deck Maintenance Video, above
  • When Oiling, always start with a cleared surface: clear of dirt, dust, debris, and furniture
  • Use a brush, rag (like an old cotton T-Shirt), a Deck Pad or a Deck Boss to apply oil: Do NOT use a roller
  • Only ONE (1) thin coat of oil leaving no excess; Do NOT apply a second coat
  • Allow at least 12 hours to dry; It must not rain within 12 hours of oil application
FULL Cleaning and Oiling Instructions PDF

Working with Cumaru Siding

Storage and Handling

Utilizing spacers or stickers between boards to allow air movement and natural drying also aids the acclimation process. Always store materials flat and keep dry and covered prior to installation. Installing wet or saturated boards may result in shrinkage. Refer to the Siding Installation document for more information.


Real Rain Screen™ installation requires furring strips fastened to exterior walls over a vapor barrier. Siding is fastened to furring strips – most commonly with 16” centers. Our coated aluminum H-clips are installed using our Magni 599 rust and saltwater resistant coated square drive screws. This installation provides channels in the walls, which allow the siding to breathe eliminating moisture and minimizing thermal transfer. For additional installation information, refer to the Siding Installation document.

Entrapped moisture is not only a problem in wet climates. Even in dry areas, moisture trapped in a wall system can result in rot, rust, and mold. The structural integrity of the wall is at stake, as is the health of the occupants. Proper installation is crucial to the effectiveness of Real Rain Screen™. Learn more about the dangers of trapped moisture.

RealCumaru™ & Real RainScreen™

Brazilian Wood Depot is the sole U.S. distributor of RealWoodTM – lumber which has passed rigid testing standards to be of the highest grade, and other important industry standards and benchmarks. To see more about the assurances of wood grading, milling and origin that the Real Wood™ brand provides, please go to Any other provider of Real Wood™, including RealCumaru™, RealPurpleheart™, Real Tigerwood™, RealGarapa™, RealMassaranduba™, and RealIpe™ has been supplied by Brazilian Wood Depot.

At Brazilian Wood Depot, we also place an emphasis on the proper shipment of our lumber, to ensure that your Real RainScreen Siding material arrives in the quality and excellent condition you deserve, preventing costly setbacks, stresses and inconveniences. With special wood crates for shipping and transportation, low overhead costs and large number of shipments, we can pass on great savings to you, while ensuring a smooth delivery process. We deliver across the entire United States.

Ultimately, with Real Cumaru for your home, you’ll be receiving a beautiful, hassle-free and long-lasting choice that will make your house the envy of the neighborhood, but also simply a wise investment.

Call 770-242-0045 for any other information or for specific pricing on Cumaru.

Quotes and Samples

Brazilian Wood Depot is here to help! We pride ourselves on superior customer support and turning around samples, quotes, and orders faster than anyone else. Please call us for samples or quotes, 770-242-0045.

Generally, all we need to get started on pricing your project is the answer to a few, basic questions. We can help you answer these questions too:

  1. What species? With Six incredible Brazilian Hardwood species, deciding on just one can be a difficult task. I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the different options, this Video can help.
  2. What are the basic dimensions of the surface and the joist spacing? Joist spacing information allows us to quote accurate fastening quantities.

This is all we need to get you started on pricing your new siding project. You can reach us anytime at, 770-242-0045 or


What is RainScreen Siding?

A: RainScreen Siding is designed to provide air ventilation on all four sides of the material. Air movement is created created by the fastening system and the vertical furring strips. More information on installation on the Siding Installation Document.

What affect does the sunlight have on the siding?

A: Sunlight has a greying effect on these woods. Messmer’s UV Oil can be applied to significantly reduce this process. In many circumstances, it can even revitalize the color of wood that has been exposed to sunlight, unprotected for many years. For more information on the greying process, watch this video.

What is the turnaround time for siding?

: Real RainScreen Siding is milled at our shop in Atlanta, GA. Turnaround time can vary, but we are generally able to turn around standard siding orders in 2-4 business days.

How can I receive my Siding lumber?

A: We pride ourselves on an efficient shipping process. Locally, BWD delivers materials in and near Atlanta, or with approved third-party delivery services. BWD uses third party LTL carriers to deliver directly to jobsites elsewhere in the United States, commercial or residential. Orders can always be picked up directly from our shop, in Atlanta, GA. Read more about shipping and delivery below.

How many linear feet make up one square foot of Real RainScreen Siding?

A: 2.6 LF = 1 SF. This is based on coverage with our patented H-Clip fastening system. Call us for more -information, 770-242-0045.

Shipping and Delivery

Brazilian Hardwoods are very heavy lumber. Shipping Brazilian Hardwoods requires special attention to engineer every crate according to the specifications of the shipment so that the hardwood lumber arrives in excellent condition. Receiving damaged lumber is inconvenient, costly and will delay completion of your project. Brazilian Wood Depot takes special care to properly crate shipments of lumber to ensure delivery of your materials in excellent condition.

Brazilian Wood Depot is ideally located to receive hardwood lumber shipments through the most cost-effective ports when shipping from Brazil. In Georgia, we also enjoy some of the lowest overhead costs in the nation and “right to work” wages. In addition, our lumber crating prevents against damage to the hardwood shipments. No damage and no damage claims, plus our large number of shipments earns us the best shipping rates available. All of these cost saving factors enable us to ship beautiful hardwoods everywhere in the United States from our own stock in Atlanta, Georgia at the best prices. Our sales continue to expand with consumers’ growing awareness of the attributes of our naturally beautiful hardwood lumber. Call us for current prices.

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Architect and Design Resources

We are very proud to announce that Brazilian Wood Depot, with the help of, has made specifying Brazilian Hardwood Decking and Siding much easier!

Incorporate Brazilian Hardwood Decking and Siding products into your
plans quickly and easily by downloading our design files from CADdetails is specifically designed for architect and
design professionals aimed at getting manufacturer-specific product
information for working plans.
On our Microsite, you’ll find CADs, Specifications, BIMs, 3D Models, and other design-related media for Brazilian Wood Depot and BWD
products. This database will continue to grow in the coming weeks
and months.
Click here to visit our Architect and Design Library at


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