Tatajuba Boards

Tatajuba Hardwood Decking

Tatajuba decking lumber is another one of over 100 hardwood species that thrives in South America.  All of the species that survive in the wet climate of the long rainy seasons in South America are durable and highly resistant to rot and insects.  If the hardwood comes from South America, it is extremely durable.

Tatajuba is golden colored before being exposed to sun and weather.  It quickly turns a deep russet brown in less than 10 days after installation.  Some boards display a beautiful ribbon-like pattern and the color between boards is very consistent.  Costing considerably less than ipe, tatajuba is a very popular decking lumber.  Some find tatajuba more desirable than ipe because of the consistent color from board to board.  Ipe boards vary greatly from light brown to black to tobacco.  Tatajuba boards are also very stable making installation easy.

Tatajuba rates 2200 on the janka scale.  Ipe is at 3600, Tigerwood at 2160 and Oak at 1230.  See a comparison of other woods in the janka scale listed under the “Documents” tab at BWDepot.com.  This janka suggests that it may last 40 years while other woods like ipe, cumaru and purple heart may last as much as 100 years.

The boards below are Tatajuba before they turn color and after they turn.

Tatajuba Boards

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  1. alex caperna
    alex caperna says:

    I have a deck to build for a client would like a price for tatajuba decking 5/4X 6″ (nominal) I have used tatajuba before. You can also quote other tropical hardwoods as well Deck is 560 square feet. The job is in Long Island New York.
    Aklex Caperna Brooklyn Mill and Door INC.


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