What You Need to Know About Hotshot Deliveries

Shipping hardwood lumber via Hotshot is a GREAT option, for several reasons. While the cost of shipping via Hotshot is usually more expensive than LTL, there are several very distinct advantages of having the materials shipped this way. The Hotshot market consists largely of 30′ Gooseneck trailers that are pulled behind pickup trucks. The market also offers utility vans, box trucks, full-sized semis, and partial loads. Our goal is to match the vehicle-type most appropriate for your load, the accessibility of the destination, and cost-effectiveness.

Prior to Loading

Prior to loading, our Hotshot provider will contact you with questions regarding timing, how materials will be unloaded, and accessibility of the destination. Be aware that the drivers are not equipped with unloading equipment and ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HELP UNLOAD. 

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us/Hotshot provider with any accessibility concerns or notices. Mountainous, gravel, or tight roads should be communicated prior to finalization and loading.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a knife to cut the straps and a place to stage the materials consistent with the accessibility to the area and the type of vehicle making the delivery. Confirm these details with the Hotshot provider prior to loading. Have an appropriate amount of labor prepared to unload if unloading by hand. Drivers generally expect loads to be unloaded in 30-40 minutes. THE DRIVER IS NOT PERMITTED TO HELP UNLOAD.

When It’s Loaded

Your materials will be banded with either feet or on a pallet and then tarped by the driver. THEY WILL NOT BE CRATED UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE! These types of loads don’t need crates because they are loaded by BWD and unloaded by the customer ONLY. They will not be transloaded or otherwise handled in any way by anyone other than BWD staff, to load, and the customer, to unload.

Unloading by Hand or with Equipment

Most of our customers unload Hotshots, by hand. It is most often helpful to have another set of hands, or multiple depending on the size of the load. Usually, this takes about 30-40 minutes. The driver will wait but is NOT PERMITTED TO HELP. Once the tarps are removed, cut the straps and unload the materials, board by board. Sometimes the driver can pull into a driveway, but this is ENTIRELY at the discretion of the driver. DO NOT plan on carrying the materials away from the trailer, around the house, or to another spot on the property. Unload the materials from the truck/trailer where it sits to allow the driver to leave in a timely manner. These drivers expect to remain onsite for offloading for no longer than 1 hour.

If you plan on having unloading equipment (forklift, skidsteer, lull, etc..) please let us know the weight capacity of the equipment ahead of time so we can bundle the materials accordingly.

DON’T FORGET THE HARDWARE!!! Your order probably includes hardware, wax and oil. Usually, the drivers keep that in the cab/truck. It is easy for the driver to forget they have it. Fortunately, they usually don’t forget, but be aware that they have it!

Damage or Missing Pieces

Damage to materials on hotshots is beyond rare and should never happen. In the exceedingly rare instance that you do find damage, take specific notes and pictures. You MUST notate any damage in the paperwork the driver asks you to sign. It is a LEGAL document. Of course, we will do whatever we need to do to get you what you need, consistent with our Purchase Policy. However, it is important that you take photos and notes on the BOL (paperwork). It is nearly impossible to pursue an insurance claim with the trucking company without those notes.

The customer is responsible for reporting any missing pieces at the time of delivery. Please report any missing pieces to us, ASAP. We reserve the right to refuse concessions, fulfillments, replacements or exchanges of any claims of missing/incorrect pieces beyond 48 hours of delivery being made. It is important that you confirm the fulfillment of the order immediately, upon delivery. Please do not delay the driver when confirming quantities/lengths/etc…