Hardwood Decking Shipped Direct to You

As a second-generation business, we refuse to lose your valued business over a few dollars. Some Hardwood Decking suppliers operate more like brokerages and give bids sight unseen, meaning they don’t actually know what YOUR hardwood actually looks like (defects, quality, etc). We take your calls from offices that are in the center of the warehouse where all the action happens. If you can’t physically come to visit us, we are always willing to video chat and walk directly out to the bundles from where we will be pulling your order. Customers have more peace of mind when they know EXACTLY what they are getting and there are very few of us who can provide that type of peace of mind.

We take dozens of calls each day and we treat each one as if we have some responsibility in ensuring optimal performance of the materials. We educate customers with the knowledge and experience we have developed over nearly two decades in the industry. We think our approach offers value enough to win every job, but just in case, we now ask that if you feel you got a better quote from someone else, please send it over to us for an opportunity to beat it. Call us today or use the form below.