Massaranduba Hardwood Decking and Siding from Brazilian Wood Depot is real wood with unsurpassed durability and beauty. It’s naturally resistant to rot and decay and virtually maintenance free.*

Massaranduba Decking

(Brazilian Redwood)


Species: Manilkara bidentata

Massaranduba wood  – Real Massaranduba™ – is used for durable, beautiful Massaranduba decking. It is resistant to insect attack and decay. Massaranduba wood is one of the densest woods on the planet and is VERY durable. Massaranduba wood grows in many areas of South America and is easily sustainable.

The Massaranduba tree is large, attaining heights of 100 to 150 feet, with diameters of 24 – 48 inches, sometimes reaching 60 inches. Massaranduba trees are usually swollen at the base, and boles are often straight and clear to about 60 feet.

Other Names and Species

Acana, Balata, Beefwood, Bolletri, Bulletwood, Chicozapota, Macaranduba, Maparajuba, Paraju, Quinilla, Red balata.

Massaranduba Wood Origin

Central and South America

Massaranduba Decking Appearance

The color on Massaranduba decking varies from a dull plum red to a light brown, the grain is primarily straight and not pronounced, and the texture is fine and uniform. Massaranduba turns to an ipe brown in two to three months without any red coloring.

Drying and Shrinkage

Kiln drying is necessary to equalize the moisture content before installation of your new Massaranduba hardwood decking. It is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent shrinkage.

Massaranduba Decking Janka Hardness

2890 For comparison, the Janka of Red Oak 1260


Massaranduba decking lumber planes to a smooth surface. It nails and screws well; pre-boring is necessary. Because of the straight consistent grain and lack of knots, building with properly kiln dried Massaranduba wood is a rewarding task.


Massaranduba decking naturally weathers to a beautiful, silver-gray. To maintain the original dark plum / brown tone, Messmer’s deck oil with UV inhibitor works best. Application of sealers is optional.

Principal Uses of Massaranduba Wood

Massaranduba wood is seen frequently in billiard cues, flooring, stair treads, and decking.


Like all of the lumber supplied by Brazilian Wood Depot, RealMassaranduba meets high standards for social, economic and environmental responsibility.  See RealWood.Org for more information about how purchasing this hardwood lumber fuels the economic value and preservation of the South American forests.