Brazilian Hardwoods are some of the hardest woods in the world. That means installation of these boards differ from the older, traditional alternatives (Pressure Treated Pine, Composites, Plastics, Cedar etc.) Brazilian Wood Depot is proud to offer support and guidance based on decades of combined experienced-based knowledge.

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Installing Brazilian Hard Wood Decking

When designing your deck plan, you must provide for adequate ventilation to assure long term stability and avoid cupping. Proper air ventilation allows air to flow in from outside the deck area and under the joists to evaporate moisture. Gently sloping the soil under the deck away from the house and covering the soil with plastic is recommended for any type of deck installation. Allow a 1/8″ gap between standard deck boards for drainage and airflow.


NEVER install a subfloor underneath ANY decking. This will cause cupping. Fasten boards directly to the joists.


For screws, we recommend the high-quality, stainless steel “self-drilling” type or coated screws. Using lower quality fasteners can cause black staining. To install Brazilian hardwood decking, you must pre-drill a pilot hole and countersink to avoid splitting, even when using self-drilling screws. The Smart-Bit drills and counter-sinks the perfect hole for our brown Headcote SS screws.

Always ensure the connection between the floor and the main structure is flashed with MCQ compatible flashing and installed with MCQ compliant fasteners when using pressure-treated (PT) joists. You cannot use indoor flooring fasteners because the chemicals in PT will quickly destroy them. Stainless steel fasteners provide the best results. Because stainless steel is not as hard as steel and Brazilian decking is hard, pre-drilling is required when installing any Brazilian decking

The Deck Clip and the Ipe-Clip are two of the best-hidden fasteners available and BWD kerfs (grooves) decking to accommodate these fasteners. Screws must be installed at an angle through deck boards when using the Ipe Clip but can be installed without pre-drilling when using the Deck Clip. A BowWrench is handy for pulling boards together when installing decking.

ALWAYS use subfloor adhesive in addition to your fasteners when installing T&G decking or when using hidden fasteners to prevent any movement in the future.