Tigerwood Hardwood Decking, Stocked in Atlanta from Brazilian Wood Depot is real wood with unsurpassed durability and beauty. It’s naturally resistant to rot and decay and virtually maintenance free.*

Tigerwood Decking


Species: Coula edulis

Tigerwood (Muiracatiara) decking lumber is a beautiful exotic Brazilian hardwood which provides one of the most unique wood grain patterns you will ever see. Because of its incredible beauty, Tigerwood lumber it is highly sought after for both interior and exterior applications. Brazilian Tigerwood is so called because it has a reddish/orange background with dark vein striping which gives it a tiger-like look. Tigerwood hardwood will darken slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight.

Tigerwood, stocked in Atlanta from at Brazilian Wood Depot creates stunning decks. This striated hardwood shows incredible streaks of copper, rustic browns, and blacks, reminiscent of the tiger coat of its namesake.

Other Common Names

Bossona, Bototo, Coubaril, Gateado, Gomavel, Goncalo alves, Guarabu, Gusanero, Jejuira, Kingwood, Locustwood, Muira, Muiracatiara, Muiraquatiara, Mura, Urunday, Zorrowood. Tigerwood hardwood grows in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico

Hardwood Color

Brazilian Tigerwood exhibits a large degree of color change with a pronounced darkening of the background under the stripes from an orange-tan to a deep reddish brown color. The striping on this wood also darkens over time.


Tigerwood lumber is 170% as hard as red oak (2160 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for red oak).

Density and Buoyancy

Tigerwood (Real Tigerwood) is a very dense and heavy wood, with a Janka hardness of 2160 (67% harder than Red Oak at 1210) and average weight of 60 lbs./cu. ft. Specific Gravity is .45, making this wood very buoyant.


Brazilian Tigerwood lumber is extremely durable, with a high level of resistance to beetle attacks. It can be finished to a medium luster and will stand up well to wear. This hardwood is dimensionally stable and resists twisting and warping. It will remain smooth, splinter-free and friendly to bare feet for years.

Drying and Shrinkage

Tigerwood hardwood decking dries well with only minor checking and warping. Shrinkage and movement after drying is minimal for this wood.

Workability of Tigerwood Decking

Pre-drilling Tigerwood deck wood is recommended for screwing and nailing, and carbide-tipped blades and bits are recommended for power tools.

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Tigerwood weathers well naturally, no preservatives needed. Messmer’s deck oil provides optimal UV protection and color retention.


Hardwood decking, flooring, doors, musical instruments, lathe art, paneling and trim are all popular uses for Brazilian Tigerwood.


Like all of the lumber supplied by Brazilian Wood Depot, Real Tigerwood meets high standards for social, economic and environmental responsibility. Visit RealWood.org for more information about how purchasing Brazilian hardwood lumber fuels the economic value and preservation of the South American forests.