Brazilian Hardwood Decking, Siding and Flooring

Go Natural™ with Brazilian Wood Depot

The Southeast’s Premier Importer of Brazilian Hardwoods

Hardwood Decking, Siding and Flooring from Brazilian Wood Depot is Real Wood with Unsurpassed Durability and Beauty. It’s Naturally Resistant to Rot and Decay and Virtually Maintenance Free.*

Go Natural!

Brazilian Wood Depot stocks several popular species of Brazilian Hardwoods for Decking, Siding, and Flooring. These species are some of the hardest in the world and include Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Jatoba, Purpleheart, Tigerwood and Garapa.

In addition to their incredible hardness (up to 3x that of Oak) and beauty, these species are all naturally resistant to Rot, Decay, Insect Attack, Fire, and Mold.

All of our lumber is 100% Natural with no added chemicals or treatments which are harmful to our atmosphere and the surrounding environment. These species have adapted and evolved to withstand environmental extremes which is why they outlive nearly every other alternative material- no additives needed. BWDepot sells this Premium Lumber under the RealWoodTM brand, which signifies that our products are 100% REAL Wood- Premium Grade and Premium Milling.

Purchases of Brazilian Hardwoods from Brazilian Wood Depot also promote the Stewardship and Protection of our Natural Forests.

BWD is The Southeast’s Premier Importer and Distributor of Brazilian Hardwoods with the best Experienced-Based customer support.

BWD imports directly from mills in Brazil and, from our strategically located HQ in Atlanta GA, provides the most competitive rates for materials and shipping. Materials can be picked up directly at our location, delivered locally or professionally Crated and Shipped ANYWHERE. In addition to all of this, Brazilian Wood Depot is proud to offer the highest quality customer support to Homeowners, Contractors, Installers, Architects, and Designers. We answer each question with superior experienced-based knowledge and integrity which is why our customers choose to GO NATURAL with Brazilian Wood Depot.

Brazilian Wood Depot: The Lumber Shipping Pros

Brazilian Wood Depot is ideally located in Atlanta, GA to receive lumber shipments through the most cost-effective ports when receiving from Brazil and to send shipments, anywhere in the country.

Additionally, our lumber crating prevents against damage to our Hardwood shipments. No damage, no damage claims coupled with our large number of shipments earns us the best shipping rates available. All of these cost saving factors enable Brazilian Wood Depot to ship hardwood lumber everywhere in the United States from our own stock in Georgia at tremendous savings to the customer. Our sales continue to expand with consumers’ growing awareness of the attributes of our naturally beautiful hardwood decking lumber.

Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), Cumaru (Brazilian Teak), Tigerwood, Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood), Purpleheart, and Garapa (Brazilian Oak) are heavy hardwoods. Shipping this lumber requires special attention to engineer every crate according to the specifications of the shipment so that the hardwood lumber arrives in excellent condition. Receiving damaged lumber is inconvenient, costly and will delay completion of your deck project. We take special care to properly crate shipments of Brazilian Hardwoods to ensure delivery of your lumber in excellent condition.

BWD is not just a website. We are real people with real inventory. Our physical address is at the bottom of every page on this site and while it’s not necessary to visit in person, you are welcome to drop by anytime.

Many online vendors are just individuals with no physical inventory. Do you really want to place your order with someone who will shop your order around to find the lowest priced lumber regardless of quality or service? We are experts at providing the finest hardwood decking, fasteners and finishes at the best prices in the United States AND we ship orders from our own stock in Atlanta, Georgia. Buying your hardwood decking from Brazilian Wood Depot ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and support for your money.

In addition to our superior shipping practices, the grade and milling of the lumber is equally, if not more, important. BWD only sells Premium Grade lumber with Premium Milling under the RealWood brand. RealIpe, RealCumaru, RealTigerwood, RealGarapa and RealMassaranduba hardwood lumber is distributed in the U.S. solely by Brazilian Wood Depot. All other providers of these brands are supplied by Brazilian Wood Depot. Please go to to see more about the assurances of grading, milling and origin that the RealWood brand provides

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